Office Relocation

A well planned move can make the difference. Time is money when it comes to business.We are equipped to handle the transport of not only office furniture, but computers and other sensitive electronic equipment. We also understand that office moves need to be performed at a time that is most convenient for your business. For this reason, we offer after-hours and weekend office moving services designed to keep from disrupting your employees during crucial business time. Our office and industrial moving consultant will work with you to determine where each piece of office equipment should be placed in your new location. This will help us perform your move quickly and accurately.

Business Moving Company Services

Moving a home or office is very much the same, isn't it? Actually, it's not. It's a basic fact where some business owners assume it’s all about packing goods and getting them over to the new venue. However, business moving company services know better and they will always suggest you to prepare yourself much earlier. There's a lot of credibility to this statement.

Unlike a residence, a business establishment is supposed to function the next Monday after the move. Any slowdown in the process could lead to serious losses. Two men and a truck will ensure they transport the electronic equipment, files and other packed items in perfect condition. While it’s their job to ensure the safety of the items, it is you and your employees who have to prepare them days before the moving day.

The Preparation Phase

Commercial movers are usually less because they focus solely on office relocation and it’s not often a business venue is changed. However, they are the ones who should be hired for this job. The team is usually much bigger when compared to residential movers and they can easily send five or even ten expert movers to the venue based on your requirement.

Most homes comprise of furniture which is much easier to load compared to an office. In an office venue, there could be tens of computers, printers, servers and dozens of tables. By increasing the number of experts, they offer you quick and efficient service. Before doing so, assign the task of packing their own belongings to each employee. Provide them lightweight cartons to stack their personal stuff inside. They can unplug the computers on the last day before the move.

The importance of using lightweight packing materials should be emphasized at this point. They help keep the budget under control because moving company quotes increased based on the total weight of goods. While a corporate could hire additional packers, small companies can request their employees to pack their computers on their own. It is time saving, highly cost efficient and will also give them a day off. It won't affect productivity but will rather help team building.

Assign Roles

The team leaders and top management should always choose roles of their own. Assign one of them to take care of files, while another can handle server room and so on. By splitting the job, it saves time and will also make it easier to monitor. And, in the end, if something goes wrong, there’s no option of blaming someone else for the blunder. The role of a mover comes into play once the initial packing and preparation is done.

Labelling items is extremely important in a commercial relocation. It will make it much easier for employees to unpack their own boxes and PCs so as to get back to work as quickly as possible. Make office moving smooth and easy besides encouraging team work among employees. It will never be a tedious job with proper planning and the right mover by your side.